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NJQRP Skeeter Hunt

Announcing the 4th Annual NJQRP Skeeter Hunt:

"Skeeter Hunt ...Stay Thirsty my Friends"

To see the 2015 Skeeter Hunt Roster - click here.

The NJQRP Club is announcing the Fourth Annual " Skeeter Hunt".  The objective is to get QRPers out of their shacks for the day; and into the fresh air and sunshine, to spread their wings and fill the airwaves with "Skeeters".  While commercial equipment can certainly utilized, bonus points will be awarded for those who personally home brewed their own or kit built their own equipment (equipment not built by the operator would not count as either home brewed or kit built - it would be considered commercial equipment).  This year, the event is to be held on Sunday August 9th.  It will be a four hour sprint - from 17:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC (1:00 TO 5:00 PM EDT).

Stations who wish to be designated as "Skeeters" can get a Skeeter number by requesting one by sending an e-mail to w2lj@arrl.net  Please let me know if you intend to operate from a state other than your home state as listed on QRZ. Skeeter numbers will be issued from June 21st (the First Day of Summer) through the day before the event. The official Website for the NJQRP Skeeter Hunt is http://www.qsl.net/w2lj/

Station Classes and Multipliers
X1 Home stations - commercial equipment
X2 Home stations - home brewed or kit built equipment
X3 Portable station - commercial equipment
X4 Portable station - home brewed or kit built equipment

Portable stations cannot use permanent antennas, i.e you can't work from your backyard, hook up to your dipole or tower and yagi and be considered a portable station. Also, portable stations cannot be connected to the local power grid - alternative energy sources must be used - solar, battery, wind, etc.

Multi-Op Stations: - Great idea!  Want to get together with some of your best buds to have a barbeque and hunt some Skeeters?  FB deal, OM!  When you send in your log, send the calls of everyone who participated under that call and or Skeeter number.  And remember to send pictures of your group for the soapbox! Single Op and Multi Op will be considered two separate divisions. Again, please indicate on your summary which division your are participating as.

Suggested Call - Either CQ QRP or CQ BZZ

Exchange -
Skeeter Stations - RST, First name, S/P/C,  Skeeter number
Non-Skeeter Stations - RST, First name, S/P/C, Output power
Note: For those of you who are new to contesting, "S/P/C" refers to your State (US), Province (Canada), or Country (DX).

Mode – CW, SSB
Power - 5W max CW, 10 Watts max SSB

CW Only and SSB Only, and Mixed Operating will be considered separate categories. Please indicate with your log summary which category you are participating as.

Scoring -
Working a Skeeter Station - 2 points
Working a non-Skeeter Station - 1 point 

BONUS POINTS! - Work enough stations to spell out "CULICIDAE" (the Latin family name for mosquito) using letters from the callsigns you've contacted and you can claim an extra 100 Points!

For example, if you work
then you've worked enough stations to spell out "CULICIDAE". You can use multiple letters from a call as in the example above,  but you cannot use any single letter twice. To apply for the bonus you must include the calls you are using for spelling out the Bonus word.

Total score equals the number of QSO points times the number of S/P/Cs worked on all bands (stations can be worked on multiple bands for QSO points and S/P/C credit) times the multiplier for station class. Add 100 points if you can spell "CULICIDAE" from the callsigns you have worked.

Suggested frequencies:
The QRP "Watering Holes"

For CW
80 Meters ~ 3.560 MHz
40 Meters ~ 7.040 and 7.030 MHz - also consider using from 7.114 to 7.122 MHz for a "slower" speed CW area.  We want to have everyone involved!
20 Meters ~ 14.060 MHz
15 Meters ~ 21.060 MHz
10 Meters ~ 28.060 MHz

80 Meters ~ 3.985 MHz
40 Meters ~ 7.285 MHz
20 Meters ~ 14.285 MHz
15 Meters ~ 21.385 MHz
10 Meters ~ 28.885 MHz, and for those Novices and Technicians out there who want to give QRP SSB a go (and those who want to encourage them - look for them here!), try gathering about and around 28.385 MHz.

These are suggested starting points, of course. Feel free to spread out and give your "Skeeter" wings a chance to do their thing.

For those of you new to QRP contesting or contesting in general, here's how a sample QSO might go:

I call CQ:

K2NBC hears me and comes back to me:

I give him my half of the exchange:

He copied me and gives his half of the exchange:
BK TU UR 559 VIC NJ NR 5960 BK - or if Vic was not a Skeeter, he would send:

I copied him, finish with him and go on to my next CQ:

and that's all there is to it!

Log summaries, photos and soapbox comments can be sent to w2lj@arrl.net no later than 14 days after the event.  Certificates will be issued to the top scorers of each category as well as others to be determined. Here's an example of a summary that can be used:

Larry - W2LJ - NJ
Skeeter #13 - All CW
Single Op
Skeeter QSOs - 23
Non-Skeeter QSOs - 5
DX QSOs - (if any)
S/P/Cs - 18
Station Class Multiplier X4
Word Bonus - 100 points (and here is where you would list the call signs you worked that qualify you for the bonus.)

Hope to hear and work all of you during this year's event. Special thanks to the NJQRP club for their sponsorship!

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Anonymous said...

For 10M SSB how about a suggested frequency between 28.300 and 28.500 so Technician class hams in the US can participate?

Larry Makoski said...

Excellent suggestion! How about 28.385 MHz.

Goathiker said...

Larry I queued up my 2012 Skeeter video on my channel to help generate some interest:

Don't let the DEET get ya! ...says Peanut

Goathiker said...

Sorry, Larry ...Peanut Goat came up with some catch lines for your NJQRP event

"Skeeter Hunt ...Stay Thirsty my Friends".

"Skeeter Hunt ...that sucks!"
"Skeeter Hunt ...it's a 'bloody' FUN!"
"Skeeter Hunt ...donate blood"
"Skeeter Hunt ...itching for fun!"
"Skeeter Hunt ...the bug out contest"
"Join QRP 'suckers' for the bloody FUN!"
- Skeeter Hunt Aug 10

Larry Makoski said...


Thank Peanut for me! Love that first one and am going to put that up top!/