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Monday, June 05, 2006

June Spartan Sprint

Tonight was the June Spartan Sprint, which is sponsored every month by the Adventure Radio Society. My station consisted of my K2, a 7AH lead acid battery, my ZM-2 antenna tuner and my Whiterook single lever paddle. The antenna was my G5RV. My station weight came in at just a tad under 5 pounds.

It was not my "bestest" effort; but it wasn't all that bad either. 34 QSOs in the two hour alloted time. What hurt me badly was that I had bad local interference on 20 Meters for the first hour of the Sprint. That's usually where the best "DX" is gotten in the early part of the contest. When I got on at the beginning of the second hour, the noise was gone but there were only slim pickin's left. I worked four stations; and they were from Alabama, California, Idaho and Georgia.

An added benefit was that the Sprint put my QSO total for 2006 up to 847 for the year so far. I also passed QSO number 5000 in Win-EQF.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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