Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tastes change

Ever since I earned my Amateur Radio license, I have always subscribed to three periodicals. From the very beginning, I have always received QST, CQ and WorldRadio. For a time I was also a subscriber to 73 magazine; but I kind of gave that up when I just couldn't take Wayne Green's conspiracy theories anymore.

From the get go, WorldRadio was always my favorite followed by QST and then CQ. CQ was always a journal devoted to contesting; or so it seemed to me. WorldRadio had all the neat "here is what Amateur Radio is doing for the world" type of stories; while QST was always the flashiest. CQ was CQ and I think I used to get it just to get it.

Over the years, my tastes have changed and perhaps, the magazines also. My favorites now are CQ and still WorldRadio. WorldRadio is a friendly constant. I know I am going to enjoy each issue and I always have a good time reading it. CQ Magazine has changed a lot in my mind; or maybe I have. I'm still not pulled to the contesting content so much; but there is so much more in CQ than there ever was before (at least in my humble opinion).

I love the editorials by Rich Moseson W2VU. Rich is clearly a common sense kind of guy. I may not always agree with his point of view; but once you've read a few of his editorials, it's clear that he has the best interests of Amateur Radio at heart. And perhaps even more importantly, it is obvious that he still loves and is passionate about the hobby.

CQ also has one writer who I hope never moves on or goes away. Dave Ingram K4TWJ is perhaps the best part of CQ magazine. He covers various topics ..... QRP, CW (you can tell why he's my favorite!), new products and other special features. From his articles, you'd have to be totally unaware to fail to miss how much he loves Ham radio. His articles are always entertaining, educational and his enthusiasm is infectious. I've had the opportunity to talk with Dave a few times on the air and a couple of times on the telephone. He is one of the most gracious and sincere gentlemen that you could ever want to meet.

QST is QST. It has some good stuff in there from time to time; but it just doesn't pull me like it used to. I get it every month without fail as a Lifetime Member of the ARRL (I'll go into my feelings on THAT in a future post). Most of it is over my head; but every now and then they have a construction article that I can sink my teeth into. But when I come home from work and look at the mail on the dining room table; and I see that the new issue of WorldRadio or CQ has come ....... now THAT makes my day!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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