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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You would think I'd know better!

This is one for the "Frustrating QSO' column - the name and callsign of the Ham are withheld to protect his stupidity.

It began with me calling CQ on 7.055 MHz. I was answered by W$XXX, who was absolutely pinning the S meter on my K2. ALL the LEDS were lit up - he had to be 60 over 9! Of course, I gave him a report of "5NN plus". In turn, I got a 579 - pretty good. Perfectly readable, moderately strong signals - I love to get RSTs like that.

We go further into the QSO and I'm always getting "FB COPY" whenever he starts transmitting. Cool beans!

Then I make the dreaded mistake. On my next over, I mention that I am running a K2 to a G5RV. On his next transmission, I get "BK RU QRP?"

I answer, "BK YES 5 WATTS".

Oh crap! I knew it ...... here it comes!


Like magic, I went from a 579 to a 229 in one fell swoop! I hate QSOS like that and the lids who hear the words "5 Watts" and suddenly go deaf. If I had never given my power; or perhaps lied and said that I was running a K2/100 at 100 Watts; I'll bet the stupid QSO could have lasted a lot longer. But no, "5 Watts" means "crummy signal no matter how well I'm hearing you - don't disturb me with the facts, please!"


73 de Larry W2LJ


Fred Nacker said...

Why trouble Larry. If the guy is that pathetic, I wouldn't want to talk to him.




Anonymous said...

Man!!! You should have known!!!

I run QRP all the time and I have learned, by mistake might I add, NEVER to say QRP or 5 watts or low power.

However, I have also used it to end a QSO. If it goes great I will usually say "by the way, I am running 5 watts QRP 73 es take care dit dit"...
It is too late for them to bad mouth QRP and the contact is over so all they can do is just say 73 dit dit.

On the other hand, I have run into some guys who are not the best "gentlemen" and I have said I am running 5 watts or QRP just so they would end the QSO.
Sometimes it can be a tool and sometimes it can be a blessing.
Brian - K#xxx