Thursday, March 10, 2011


During the 40 Meter Foxhunt, while chasing Dave AB9CA in Alabama, I also installed Rich WB9LPU's Bugnapper on my old Vibroplex original.  Trying to multi-task and concentrate on two things at once is not exactly my forte' - but I was successful in both pursuits.  I worked Dave for a pelt and got the Bugnapper installed.

The only thing that I can say about the Bugnapper is ...... cool!  It installed very easily and it works like a charm. If you didn't understand the workings, i.e the forces of opposing magnets, you might be tempted to think that Rich's invention was based on PFM - Pretty Far-out Magic!

It's amazing to see how the twist of the adjustment screw (which sets the distance between the two magnets) changes the speed of the dits.  I didn't think that a bug could ever be made to send so slowly.  Seriously - under 10 WPM ?!? 

Now, the purists will bristle at this concept.  After all, the tool for sending slow code (up to 15 WPM) is the straight key.  And the purists area right, that is (ideally) the way to go.  But if you suffer from arthritis in your wrists, like I do, the side to side motion of sending with a bug is way easier on the joints.  So for the folks out there like me who enjoy the side to side sending, but still want to go real slow, the Bugnapper is the way to go.  I currently have mine set for a comfortable 18 WPM speed right now.  Once I get some practice in (I still think the dahs will be automatic like with the paddles, so right now I tend to stutter a bit) I will probably be making way more use of my bug.

Tomorrow night, if I get a chance, I will shoot some video and will post it here.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Good afternoon Larry, looking forward to the video.