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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mad enough to spit nails

I was chasing Saudi Arabia on 17 Meters tonight. 7Z1HL was on the air and was working mostly W/VE stations. I boosted up the power to 90 Watts and joined in the fray. I have never worked Saudi Arabia before, so this would have been a new one.

Finally - finally he comes back to W2L? So I start sending my call several times. Can someone, for the love of Pete, please tell me why a W6 station would start calling on top of me when 7Z1HL clearly asked for "W2L?"?

I didn't make it through, so again he sends, "W2L?". Again, the same W6 station takes it upon himself to QRM me. Sadly, all I got for my effort was "SRI W2L? QRM NIL". And he moved on.

Nuts! - for lack of a more appropriate sentiment.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

1 comment:

Floyd, KK3Q said...

SO right you are. I run about 75 watts into a ground mounted Zero Five vertical. DX comes on a band and starts running by the numbers and it seems to always go like this:

DX: 2-land, any twos?
Caller: Victor Echo Six...
DX: any two's, now three's, any three'?
Caller: Victor Echo Six...

It isn't to say that just Canadians QRM. The intention was to show how no one listens to what's going on. If you hear a DX station calling "W2L" and you're a "Victor Echo Six..." then the DX is probably NOT calling you. What's the old saying? "Listen, listen, and then listen some more before you transmit."