Sunday, July 24, 2016

More magnetic loop antenna work

On Thursday the plastic enclosures from Poly Case arrived via the friendy neighborhood UPS Man. I mowed the lawn Thursday after dinner in anticipation of the simmering, sweltering weekend heat, so I didn't begin work until Friday evening.  All I did Friday evening was cut the main hole for the capacitor shaft to stick though.

Saturday was way too busy with house chores and nabbing a few NPOTA stations, so the rest of the "hard" work was left to today.  I was listening for NPOTA stations, which were either:

A) Ones I could hear; but have worked in the past, or
B) Ones I have not worked in the past, but could not hear.


In between bouts of dial twiddling, I mounted the reduction drive:

And mounted the super expensive 25 cent knob I bought at the SCARC Hamfest last Sunday.

Then I drilled holes for and mounted the two SO-239 connectors:

I haven't mounted the capacitor permanently yet, as I want to make up the "wiring" beforehand. This is how it will all come together, though:

For me, the scariest part was trmming down the length of the capacitor shaft with my Dremel, as it was about 1/4 " (6 mm) too long.  Last night, talking with Bob W3BBO, he reminded me to "measure twice, cut once."  I ended up meauring about four times and holding my breath while cutting!

Not the biggest homebrew project in the world, aside form the shaft modification it was mostly just simple hole cutting and drilling. A simple task for most, but somehow it seems whenever I try something like this, I screw something up. Royally. It hasn't spontaneously combusted, so I guess I'm doing OK.

In the end, this is going to look SO much better than this:

And it will be much beefier and sturdier, too.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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