Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I told you so!

I got an e-mail from the Burlington County ARC regarding my NJ QSO Party Cabrillo log submission. It was just as bad, if not worse than I thought.

Graciously, they are going to accept my log as it is, and will figure out what they need to figure out.

You would think that ALL logging programs would have a converter built in, considering how popular contesting supposedly is. Log4OM, which is what I use, does not. I think that AC Log does. N1MM definitely does, as do DX Lab and a few others.

I'm not a big enough contester to delve into N1MM or any of the others. Using more than one logging program and then doing the work to somehow merge multiples into one master log is more work than I want to be bothered with.  Even though N1MM is free, my getting deeply into using it would be akin to a QRO operator buying a QRP rig solely for his one yearly venture into a QRP contest, when he can simply turn his rig down to 5 Watts.

Come the NJ QSO Party next year, I'll just do a little bit more research (YouTube) on how to generate a better Cabrillo log from an ADIF file.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. I feel your pain Larry. Has happened to me several times. Now I play in their contest and don't submit a log. Getting a Cabrillo output that lines up properly from an ADIF has never worked for me. The good news is that there was at least one State QSO Party earlier this year that accepted ADIF. Hopefully that will catch on!

    73 de Jeff

  2. Neither Logger32 converts to cabrillo. You can give a try to SP7DQR's converter however:
    73 SV1GRN

  3. I did use SP7DQR's converter. Guess I didn't use it the correct way.

  4. I suppose that N1MM is the solution, I am using it occasionally only for contests 73 SV1GRN