Friday, October 06, 2006

Too Good to be True

I should have known that the QRP discussion on eHam would "de-evolve" down to name calling, and insults. It always seems to happen there; and that's pretty much why I avoid the eHam thing except to lurk at the posts.

But whenever QRP discussions come up, I get stoked. So I joined the fray - and unfortunately, I also took the bait. I got bent out of shape by the resident QROers who just can't help themselves from taking potshots at; and dismissing the entire QRP concept.

I jumped in and began dismissing the stereotypical arguements which dismiss the acheivements of low power ops. In one particular case it was trying to debunk the myth that QRP signals = weak signals posted by KØCBA. In a reply post I had asked him, if in his entire Ham career he had never, even once received a QRP signal that was 579 or better. I had politely stated that I had. I went on to mention the consistantly fine signal that is the product of the station of Todd Fonstad N9NE. I also mentioned the many times that Todd has almost blown out my eardrums with his powerful 599+ but only 5 Watt signal.

So for my efforts, KØCBA came back with a reply of his own. In it I was labeled a "jerk". He must have gone to the trouble of looking me up in QRZ, becaused he went out of his way to let me know that he was licensed for 18 years at the time I earned my Novice license. He also went out of the way to belittle the fact that I have a Vanity callsign. Heck with describing the post; here it is in full:

"I usually dismiss people like you out of hand and I may be sorry for this but you have actually pushed my button.

I was just making the observation that the receiving station deserves some credit too. But being the true NJ jerk you appear to be, you had to make it a personal attack.

So, you were licensed in '78? well bully for you sonny. I had 18 years under my belt by then. BTW, I had done my 20wpm at the FCC 3 years by then so I guess I'm just not impressed with your credentials....AND I didn't need to BUY a vanity call to try to wow people.

Agree of not, if you can't respect someone elses' opinion maybe you should 'belt up' and take a deep breath of that fine New Jersey air."

Boy, I must have really pushed this guy's button! I really did not mean to; I thought I was just asking a valid question and the next thing I know, I'm getting lambasted. But I've got to tell you, I kind of enjoyed the "sonny" thing. At 49, I start feeling the years catching up with me at times. Muscles and joints ache and get sore like they never used to. Being called "sonny" made me feel young again! However, on the flip side, I really, really, really dislike the derogotory references to New Jersey. You want to insult me? Fine - but don't insult the state I live in. I guess he couldn't think of anything better to offer.

Anyway, this was my response back:

All I asked was if you ever heard a QRP signal that was 579 or better. And I stated that I had. That is a personal attack?

Your response is a personal attack. Using words like "jerk" using the derogatory "sonny" and belittling my callsign is a personal attack.

OK - so you dislike QRP and QRPers - I respect your opinion. Different strokes for different folks ... relax, take a deep breath - it's okay.

Very best regards to you sir - have a wonderful day.
Larry W2LJ

BTW - I didn't "buy" the Vanity call to "wow" people. I got it because "L" and "J" are my first two initials. I apologize if that offends you.

eHam is really a cool resource. I've learned some good stuff over there and will continue to use it; and to even post there from time to time. The product review section is worth it's weight in gold, as far as I'm concerned. It just seems to be a darn shame that when you offer a differing point of view to some folks that they have to, in turn, become base and sink to the level of the lowest common denominator.

Oh well, another lesson learned again .... the hard way.

73 de Larry W2LJ

Blogger's Note: When I made my previous post about this thread on eHam, I did NOT consider KØCBA to be one of the "banal, tomato brained ignoramuses". I had W9OY particularly in mind for that honor. I guess I'll have to reconsider.

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