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Friday, February 09, 2007

Samuel Clemens would be proud!

As Samuel Clemens, better know as Mark Twain, put it: "The report of my death was an exaggeration!"

And so it would seem, the same holds true for Morse Code; and the mode by which it is transmitted - CW. Even though the Morse Code haters and the NCIers would have you believe otherwise; the proof seems to be in the pudding:


73 de Larry W2LJ


Dave said...


Maybe now that Morse is no longer required, it will become "cool", instead of just a chore that has to be learned to get a license.

Dave KQ3T

KG2V said...

I think KQ3T is right. Morse won't die. Not MY favorite mode (I'm NOT good at it, but I'm TRYING)

I'm one of those folks who could see dropping it for the general, but keeping it for the extra - but it went the way it did, the writing was on the wall for a decade or more.

Anyway I think, and HOPE the CW stays around as a mode, and stays popular