Saturday, May 24, 2008

Working W3CUV

Today was a crazy day. All the plans I had for this morning went by the wayside when I woke up to find a voice message waiting in the "Inbox" of my cell phone. Sure enough, it was work; and I had to go in for a few hours to locate some fiber cards for a switch that needed to be installed this weekend. In fact, I discovered the message not immediately after I woke up; but as I was leaving the house, all dressed up to attend a formal function! It seemed like after that everything went askew. Everything else that I had planned to get done today either got put on hold; or delayed.

What made up for it, though, was an e-mail that W3BBO had sent me. While I was grocery shopping this afternoon he sent me notice that Neal W3CUV, who I had mentioned in this blog a few days ago, was on the air on 7.050 MHZ from the Allegheny National Forest. I put the groceries away and ran down the basement, turned on the K2 and tuned to 7.050 MHz; and sure enough, there was W3CUV calling CQ amongst the din of the CQ WW WPX Contest.

For the most part, Neal had a great signal into NJ; and his 2.5 Watts was a good 579 here when there wasn't any QSB. The band was like a rollercoaster, though; and Neal was bouncing around anywhere from 559 to 599. Finally, he dropped off the table and towards the end of our QSO he was about 339. During our QSO he told me that he was camped at a really beautiful spot and that he'd send some pictures via e-mail. I'll share them with you here when I get them.

Neal is planning to return home Monday, if the weather is good tomorrow. So give a listen for him anywhere from 7.050 to 7.058 MHz from approximately 1800 to 2100 UTC (2:00 to 5:00 PM EDT). Tell him that W2LJ sent you!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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