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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am one of the 20 Meter Foxes tonight!

I know this is short (very short) notice in blog land; but I am the 20 Meter Fox tonight in the QRP-L Foxhunt. If you have NEVER given this a shot ..... it's entertaining and fun!

Here's the deal. Tonight, between 0100 and 0230 UTC, I will be hiding somewhere between 14.050 and 14.070 MHZ. I will be calling "CQ FOX DE W2LJ UP". This will be to indicate that I will be listening up from my transmit frequency. Exactly how far up is for you to figure out.

If I hear you, I will answer (for example):

KB9BVN DE W2LJ TU 559 NJ LARRY 5W BK (RST/State/Name/Output Power)

You would answer (if you were KB9BVN):

TU 559 IN BRIAN 5W BK (Same exchange)

Then I would answer:


If any fills are needed I would ask you for them. Getting involved in these hunts is not only fun; but it's good CW practice and it's good pile-up practice. If you can get the hang of how to consistently nab Fox pelts, then you're going to increase your odds of getting through (eventually) in the big DX pile-ups. Listening well and figuring out when and where to call are half the battle.

So if you have some time tonight; and want to have some fun, try and grab my pelt. Or perhaps you might want to listen. By the way, there are always two Foxes. Rene K5JX will be my partner in crime tonight. Give a listen for him, too!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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