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Friday, August 13, 2010

Time for another W1PID story

Jim certainly has the mojo!

He tosses a 30 foot wire up a tree and works half of Europe. I throw a 30 foot wire up a tree and end up with poison Sumac!


72 de Larry W2LJ
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Mike said...

Hi Larry
I read the W1PID adventure and sounds like a day I would love to spend with my KX1. Thanks for the link on your blog it was good reading and nice pic's too

Paul - PAØPSY said...

Hi Larry, how did the guy do it? Maybe he publish only his success stories. ;-) 73 Paul

Larry W2LJ said...


As a friend reminded me .... "location, location, location". Jim W1PID has done this sort of thing on a consistent basis. It's not a fluke. I think he enjoys being located in and near the New Hampshire mountains. Plus the fact that he's just a darn good Ham radio operator - his skill factor weighs in on his success, too!

Larry W2LJ

Pete - W1PNS said...

Hi Larry,

Nice post. I had a similar experience working from my back deck. I was experimenting with a 31' Jackite pole as the "tree."

I typed up a small description here:


With best regards,