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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interesting what 500 mW can do.

NY3A W2LJ3560.4CQ [LoTW]9 dB20 wpm0112z 24 Oct
K3MM W2LJ3560.4CQ [LoTW]5 dB19 wpm0112z 24 Oct
W4KKN W2LJ3560.4CQ [LoTW]13 dB19 wpm0111z 24 Oct
KM3T W2LJ3560.4CQ [LoTW]8 dB19 wpm0111z 24 Oct
NY3A W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]11 dB19 wpm0109z 24 Oct
K1TTT W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]7 dB19 wpm0109z 24 Oct
W4KAZ W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]5 dB20 wpm0108z 24 Oct
W2RDX W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]12 dB19 wpm0108z 24 Oct
KQ8M W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]5 dB19 wpm0108z 24 Oct
AA4VV W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]8 dB19 wpm0108z 24 Oct
W4KKN W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]16 dB19 wpm0108z 24 Oct
KM3T W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]7 dB20 wpm0108z 24 Oct
K3MM W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]16 dB20 wpm0107z 24 Oct
W3LPL W2LJ7041.0CQ [LoTW]7 dB20 wpm0107z 24 Oct
WA7LNW W2LJ10116.0CQ [LoTW]9 dB21 wpm0105z 24 Oct

Antenna was the 88' EDZ - rig was the K3 - power out was 500 mW.

No QSOs, but interesting to see where I was heard via the Reverse Beacon Network.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


Jspiker said...

Especially the #7 call....

I wonder about the accuracy of my three watts sometimes but have to assume the meter is correct on the tuner. Then I see things like this and realize it's probably right.

I see some astonishing results (at the QRPp level) with some DX stations, and wonder why there is a need to ever run more than 5 watts of power. I think too little of the ham radio community realizes the power of a little CW signal.

Your caption of "do more with less" speaks volumes about this.

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Larry, great to see you have fun with QRPp. When I started as a HAM, I built and used a homebrew, 40 m, 500 mW, CW transceiver, to discover that I could work many European DXCC. 500 mW gives so much fun. Just look for stations with a signal of S9 or more to make QSO's with 500 mW. Good luck and have FUN. 73 Bert