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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving - Part 2 - Personal

As you’ve read this blog throughout 2012, it’s been kind of a tough year for W2LJ and family. There have been many trials and tribulations:

My Mom passed away in May, Marianne’s Mom passed away in October. My Mom’s best friend’s husband passed away this September – and even though he wasn't a blood relative, he was “family” nonetheless. Our cat Sadie passed away this February and we found out this summer, that our dog Jesse has cancer. We’re dealing with Jesse on a day by day basis, trying to keep our 13 year old friend as comfortable as we can. And then we had Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath to deal with. And to top all of that off, I was notified by the company that I work for, that we lost the contract for my department where I work; so I will probably be facing unemployment sometime in December or early next year.

But I'm not the only one with troubles, some have less .... some have more. And I know that even with all that we have been through and continue to endure, my family has been and continues to be richly blessed.

Thanks be to God, I still have a job, if even for a little while. Marianne, Joey and Cara and I all are all in good health. We have a safe, warm house to live in and have plenty of food. Marianne is in no danger of losing her job, so even if I have to collect unemployment insurance for a time while I look for a new job, we won’t starve. We still have my big sister Ann Marie and her family; and we still have Marianne’s brother Tim and his wife, as well as extended family. I have my friends and I have Amateur Radio (the world’s greatest hobby) and I have all of you – whom I consider to be good friends as well.

So I am thankful, for all of that and more. God has been so good to us and continues to be – He truly deserves my thanks, this coming Thursday and always. So when we gather around the table tomorrow, I am hoping to be able to say Grace and give thanks in a steady, strong and unwavering voice. It will be an emotional moment for me and may be difficult to do without faltering, but my thanks to God will be completely from the bottom of my heart.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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VE3WDM said...

Good evening Larry, I don't know what to say....to read of the years events one after the other leaves me speechless. I am very sorry to hear that on top of all that the job situation as well. You have blogged showing your strong spirit and spirituality. Come late afternoon tomorrow I will be thinking of you as you say grace during this time of Thanksgiving. As I am sure you know you are not alone during these times. The God you give thanks to is always with you along with your family.
Thanks for sharing Larry

Larry W2LJ said...

Thanks, Mike!

Richard said...

You appear to be a spiritual fellow, so I am sure your faith will give you some comfort during these difficult days.

Have a nice Thanksgiving one of the few relatively non-commercial holidays and my favorite.

Dave G4LOX said...

Hello Larry
I have just read your very moving blog entry. It has been, and continues to be, a very tough year for you and your family. Your positive attitude is an inspiration to your readers.
I send my best wishes to you all.

Phil, N1DN said...


I've always enjoyed reading and learning from your blog. I'm saddened to hear of this difficult year for you and your family. Your faith and positive outlook is inspiring for us all. I hope your employment works out, and I wish you well for the holidays and beyond.

Very Best Wishes,
Phil, N1DN

William Duncan said...

Your story reminds me of the comment, "other then that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln." I really am sorry to hear about your problems and I admire your attitude. I pray you will find 2013 much better.