Saturday, November 16, 2013

Verticals ... radials ... what's the right thing to do?

Even though I have a Butternut vertical in the antenna arsenal, this .pdf file from SteppIR, is one of THE best articles about radials that I have ever read.  It's in "plain ol' English" and doesn't require you to have a Doctorate in RF Theory to understand it.  Just thought I would share!

I currently have about 50 radials under my Butternut.  Looks like I could stand to add some more next Summer - although I'm currently close to the point of "no extra benefit".  Looks like with about 25 more, I can get a bit closer to that 90% efficient point. And "next time" (if there ever is one), I will seriously consider NOT ground mounting my next vertical.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    The best vertical I have ever used had one elevated radial per band. It was a full size fan vertical on 10,20,and 40.
    The radials were up 10 ft.

    72 de WD5DHK

  2. A must read for hams, thank you Larry for sharing with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing the URL. Great information!!

  4. Thanks for the link to this, a very interesting read and as I am currently working on improving the vertical perfect timing too. I am most tempted to mount the vertical higher up now with the chance of improved performance.

  5. Excellent article. What happens when they come to dig up the bodies hihi