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Sunday, January 26, 2014


I am pondering the possibility of acquiring a single lever paddle, possibly the Bengali Simplex Mono, with the palladium base.

I have always been more comfortable with single lever paddles, and have always used any iambic paddles that I have owned that way. I am not a squeeze keyer.

The Sculpture Mono would be great, but the price tag is too hefty for my wallet. Any of you readers have a recommendation for a good single lever paddle other than Begali? Maybe there's a good one out there that I am not aware of?

72 de Larry W2LJ
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Anonymous said...

The American Morse Bushwhacker is pretty good.

Also, the Sideswiper Net webpages feature some single lever paddles.

Alan G0RWB

George Sereikas said...

Larry, I haven't used a Begali Simplex Mono, but used to own a Begali Simplex Iambic. It is an outstanding key for the money. I have owned several Begali keys and currently have a Sculpture Iambic. You cannot go wrong. Honestly, they all operate verymuch the same, but the style, feel and form factor (and price!) varies. I would strongly recommend the Begali. Once you have used one, you will see why they are so well regarded. The workmanship and customer service is outstanding. Just my $.02. Good luck with your decision!


Mike McShan said...

I, too, am a single-lever guy; my sending took a big upswing when I abandoned iambic keying. I will say that I also like the Bushwhacker paddle. It's certainly not as high-end as a Begali but is solid as a rock and works well.

73, Mike W5RST