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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

QRP Fox Hunt & Straight Key Night

Not so perfect together.

I hate to end 2013 / begin 2014 on a negative note, but it was not the best idea to hold a QRP Fox Hunt tonight. And I speak from the perspective of being one of the two Foxes.

Yes, SKN is a wonderful thing. Yes, it brings out so many to the bands. Yes, SKN has become a tradition and an institution. But let me tell you from the eyes of a QRP Fox, it wasn't the most fun thing I've ever had to deal with.

I must have had to QSY at least half a dozen times. Every time I would find a relatively clear frequency and run it, inevitably, within five or ten minutes, some 20 over 9 station would come on and start calling "CQ SKN" without so much as a "?", let alone a "QRL?".

There were a few who asked if the frequency was occupied, but they were in the minority. And I know that SKN has become an opportunity to bust out and operate the vintage gear, but there were quite a few signals out there that sounded really bad.

In all, I think I worked about 30 stations. I was feeling badly about such a stinky total, and then I traded e-mails with Don NK6A, who was the other Fox. Not only did he have to QSY more than I did, but he only worked about 38 stations. NK6A is a top notch caliber QRPer. For me to get only about 8 or so fewer QSOs than him is a major feat. That definitely takes some of the sting away.

But a note to the Fox Hunt Committee? Avoid having a Hunt on Straight Key Night like the plague!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


AA4LR said...

I hope that wasn't me. I was running my two-tube "Novice" transmitter and home-brew solid state receiver. Since the transmitter is crystal-controlled, I don't have a lot of choice where to tune up. And my 7061.1 kHz crystal wasn't working.

I did cheat, though. I used my 37-year old home-brew keyer with the Novice rig. I figured it was part of my heritage.

Larry Makoski said...

Wasn't you, George. Was some calls of some folks that I did not recognize. Definitely not any QRPers that I know!

73 es HNY de Larry W2LJ