Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So what will it be?

This Winter has been very, very odd in New Jersey.  We've had the warmest December on record, courtesy of the Super El Nino that's occupying the Pacific Ocean.  Christmas felt more like Easter around here. Now, the El Nino and the Polar Vortices are doing battle with one another, each treating the Jet Stream like some kind of atmospheric Ping-Pong ball.  One day it feels like Spring, and then 24 hours later we plunge into the single digits.  Then we start a cycle of warming up until the next blast of Arctic and Siberian air takes hold of us.

So what will it be for FYBO 2016?  The contest announcement was made yesterday, and the rules for the 2016 edition can be found here - http://www.azscqrpions.org/FYBO2016_Rules.htm

I wonder what the weather will be like on February 6th? Will I get a X1 or X2 multiplier or will I get a X5 or X6 multiplier? It will be interesting to find out! This could very well be a day where the high temperature for the day occurs early in the morning, only to get colder, and colder as the day progresses. I think it will be super important to keep a thermometer at the operating position this year.


I had a great lunchtime QRP session today. It's cloudy and cold with the threat of snow showers, but I didn't let that deter me. As and added incentive, last night I re-lubricated my Buddistick whip with WD40, as it had been getting rough sliding when deploying and storing. Last time I did that, I had a great session the next day. WD40 must be the much maligned "antenna grease", because today I got the same result.

I had a nice little QSO on 20 Meters with Woody WZ4L in Smyrna, TN. Last time we QSO'ed, we were both barely audible to each other. Today Wood was 589 into NJ using 3 Watts to a loop! I got a 559 in return.  After hanging it up with Woody, I worked Ted HI3TEJ on 17 Meters.  Then, for the coup de gras, I worked Mauro HC2IMP in Guayaquil, Ecuador on 15 Meters.  5 Watts from NJ to Ecuador!  Yes, I know he's in the Andes and yes, I know he probably has a monster antenna which made this QSO possible - but 5 Watts from here to there - wow, just wow!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. I so much enjoying coming to your blog oh maybe once a month to find out what is happening on qrp. Yes at one time I was copying 25 wpm in my head but I've managed to lose that. I'm almost 64 which doesn't seem that old but have some issues. I do have an FT-817 which I've hardly used but this year I plan on it. Really love the blog. Mike WA2E