Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Some potential bad news

I was walking out of my house to get in my car the other evening, when I heard my name being called - never a good thing.  It was my next-door neighbor who wanted to tell me that he will be removing an oak tree from his front yard.

"Whew!" I thought to myself, dodged some sort of bullet or another.

Then it came.  "And we're thinking of removing the maple from the backyard, too".

Argh!  That's the tree in which my W3EDP antenna lives!

My neighbor stated that he was thinking of having the tree topped (trimmed back), but his wife came out and commented on how she thinks the tree is riddled with carpenter ants, and she would like to see it gone.

Meh. I mean, it' s not the end of the world if they have the tree removed.  I have enough of that aluminum military masting where I could put a 30' (10 Meter) section in the back corner of the yard, and then run the W3EDP over to that. 

The pain in the butt thing is having to take it down and then be without it for a while as all this work gets done.  My only hope is that if they do go through with this plan, that they do it quickly. I need to have enough time to anchor the mast in some cement and get then get the wire back up before the cold weather sets in.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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