Monday, July 27, 2020

Some good news ..... some bad news

First the good news. I got more capacitors soldered in to the QCX 40 Meter kit.

They're almost all in. Just a few more to go and then I move on to other passive components.

The other good news is that this arrived in the mail today:

The 20 Meters QCX+ kit arrived!

The bad news is that I ordered a QCX enclosure from BaMa Tech over the weekend. The bad news is NOT that they are no longer available. The bad news is that DHL has suspended shipping outside of Europe because of Covid. So I will get the enclosure ...... eventually, but only God knows when at this point.

Lastly, the magnifier lamp arrived from Banggod last Friday. I hooked it up today before soldering tonight and it really made a big difference for me during my build session tonight. It's great to have the extra light and the magnifying lens does a fantastic job.

72 de LarryW2LJ
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