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Thursday, November 15, 2012

PigRig Transceiver

Diz, W8DIZ of Kits and Parts dot Com, has come out with a new transceiver kit - The Flying Pigs "PigRig".

It is a single frequency transceiver.  Sound strange?  Maybe it is, but listen to Diz's own words:

"This transceiver was designed for Radio Clubs and/or Special Events. You turn the radio on...you listen...you do not tune...you do not switch anything...you do not search. If you hear someone on "your special frequency", there is a good chance it could be a member of your group.

Here is what it is and is not.

It is a club radio.
It is not another me-too qrp contender
It is a single conversion design
It does not receive 2 sidebands...only one
It does have a full 5 watts output at about 13.6 volts
It does not have any tuning controls
It does have a piggie custom keyer chip
It is like a ham version of Channel 19 using CW only

The size of the PCB is only 2.5" (63,5 mm) by 3.8" (96,5 mm), and Yes...it does produce a full 4.99 watts RF out and it is as sensitive as just about anything else that you may have in your radio shack. Custom club/group frequencies are available for 40 meters. The name of this radio shall henceforth be labeled as the "Flying Pig Rig".

For details - schematic and building guide as well as information on how to order, click here.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Larry.
Looks like a fun rig from Diz. Not a "me too", but nothing we have not seen before. Examples: the QSK circuit from the Ugly Weekender, NE612 mixer into an LM386 AF chip (might be the millionth rendition we have seen), MOSFET/JFET switching ala 1980s to present. BD139 - the new popular NPN power transistor.
A good effort by Diz for a 1 channel transceiver.