Sunday, March 03, 2013

2013 QRP To The Field Pre-Announcement

From Paul NA5N on QRP-L:

"Head's Up" - Initial announcement:

The 2013 QRP TO THE FIELD will be held on SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2013

QRP TO THE FIELD is the annual "get out of the house and operate somewhere from the field" QRP event and contest.  It is also the annual event for QRP-L, as this is where it is exclusively administered.

1. Our solar maximum is very disappointing, making contacts more difficult
 than should be expected at this point in the solar cycle.
2. #1 above discourages many QRPers from participating
3. #1 and #2 means fewer stations to work for our efforts.
4. We have new hams and new QRPers joining our ranks all the time, both
 CW and SSB, with various skills wanting to get on the air.

SOTA (Summits on the Air).  Last year, we joined forces with SOTA for plenty of new stations to work and a new measure of fun (with those strange exchanges!).  We will join forces again with SOTA for the increased on-the-air activity for us both.  Most SOTA stations are QRP.  SOTA does not have an organized annual event; QRPTTF can serve as their annual special event, as well as ours, for increased activity.

THEME: QRPTTF has always been unique by having a "theme" each year.  Last year it was SOTA and summits.  This was last year only.  The different themes for QRPTTF will continue ... though, I haven't figured out YET what this year's theme will be.  Ideas welcome.  I wasn't expecting to live past the Mayan Calendar thingie!

CW vs. SSB: For years, I have been asked to add an SSB category to QRPTTF.  There are few organized events for SSB QRPers, and many QRP-L members are SSB QRPers.  We also have plenty of new QRP hams who are SSB only.  Many SOTA stations also find SSB more convenient from those mountain tops.
Therefore, I have decided to add SSB to QRPTTF this year to those who prefer SSB or are no-code QRPers.

It's been years (like decades) since I've had an SSB QSO on HF.  I know nothing about it, what frequencies are REALLY used, etc.  I need someone who is willing to serve as the Contest Manager for the SSB side of QRPTTF and accept the summary sheets.  Results can be published on your website, or of course, my existing site Please contact me privately if you are interested.

Again, I see QRPTTF (and the Zombie Shuffle) as events for the QRP-L community and our new SOTA friends.  I am always interested in your comments or thoughts on the above to bring more fun and enjoyment to the majority of us.  Hopefully, adding SSB will be one.

There are yet no rules for this year's QRPTTF (not much different than in the past).  I will wait until I have a volunteer SSB Contest Manager before finalizing this year's rules and get some feedback from SOTA on their preferred SSB protocols.  But basically, get on the air, work stations, have fun.  The rest are just details!

72, Paul NA5N
Socorro, NM

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Nice. My friend and I have been looking for some casual contests to work this year. This sounds like a great one for us to prepare for FD. Since we don't (yet) do CW, the addition of SSB will be welcome. Looking forward to more details!

  2. Our "Adventure Radio Group" always does QRPTTF!

    It's a great time to get out in the spring in Northern Indiana.

    For a theme we would suggest:

    "Security and Defense"

    Operate from ( or near) Air Force Bases, Army Bases, Naval Stations, Museum Naval Ships, Coast Guard Stations, Fire Spotting Stations (western US), Police Stations, Fire Departments, etc. I think you get the idea. Operate near any location that has a "Security or Defense" connection.


    Barry. WD4MSM