Friday, March 08, 2013

The good and the not so good.

Last night, while hunting in the 80 Meter woods in the QRP-L Fox hunt, I continued to work on my PigRig.  I came to the part where I am winding T1, and I guess I had a case of brain flatulence, because I just couldn't figure out from the instructions, how the center tap was supposed to be done.

Before going to bed (late), I came up here and fired off an e-mail to the Flying Pigs e-mail reflector looking for some enlightenment.  When I checked my e-mail this morning, there was an e-mail from the Head Honcho himself, Diz W8DIZ.  He explained to me (very patiently) what should have been as obvious as the hand in front of my face.

Thanks, Diz for excellent customer service! And also thanks for being super courteous and patient with someone who seems to have had a "Senior Moment".

On the other hand, last night I was fortunate to work an SU9 station from Egypt on 40 Meters.  I was doing the "happy dance" as this was my first QSO with Egypt - ever.  So I dutifully went to QRZ to look up QSL information, only to find that LOTW is not accepted (as it's too cumbersome and difficult to figure out), that paper QSLs are not really wanted, but if you go to PayPal and enter this particular PayPal address (along with the appropriate "donation") that a QSL card can be had.

What ?!?    I mean, really ...... what?

OK, I understand that Egypt is not the most commonly found country on the air; and I'm sure that QSLing is quite the tedious chore (if not a downright pain in the butt).  But isn't that what QSL managers are for?  And really, I mean even I can figure out how to use Log of the World.  You know, the guy who had trouble figuring out how to wind a simple toroidal transformer? ...... Yes, me - even I figured out how to use Log of the World.

I hesitate to use that hackneyed expression, but if I can figure it out - you can figure it out.

Maybe I ought to quit my job, move to a "rare and exotic" locale, get on the air, make a couple hundred QSOs a day, and start charging a few bucks per QSL card.

But then I guess I'd have to figure out how to use PayPal.  (Of course, I am being facetious, I already know how to use that. Learned how just around the same time I learned how to use LOTW).

72 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Larry,

    I agree with you, LoTW is by far the best option. If someone states that he does not use LoTW then it clearly shows that they are only interested in collecting green stamps.

    For the record the ‘VB’ stations travels extensively in Africa to exotic locations and does send paper QSLs after the PayPal transaction has been done. I received my card from Vladimir for a QRP QSO on 10m.

    More info here:

  2. Make a complete entry in your electronic and paper log. You know, you worked Egypt and that is the essential. It won't count towards DXCC but worse things can happen,believe me.

  3. Your post raises an interesting question - would you be willing to pay to get a rare QSL?

    There was a recent thread on a DX forum discussing the $9 price of a QSL card from an EP (Iranian) station. Then someone mentioned that 1st-class mail from Iran to other continents is $7 just for postage.

    I recently paid $5 for an Ethiopian card and felt that perhaps I didn't pay enough as this money goes to support a club station there.

    If a P5 appeared briefly and you worked him, what would you pay to confirm N. Korea?

    I agree with you about the Egyptian station and worked him myself a few days ago, then read his info you mentioned. I won't be seeking a card from this guy (who is Russian) - and not just because I don't need SU.

    You will soon have the opportunity to work other Egyptian stations on several bands: