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Friday, May 28, 2010

May fall off

Compared to the first four months of the year, the amount of postings for May has fallen off. It's pretty obvious that I will not even come up with 30 for the month. For the last week or so, my attention has been diverted.

About a week and a half ago, I smacked my foot at work. I don't quite remember whether I knocked it into a wooden pallet; or a steel shelf post. I was busy at the time I did it, and remembered thinking to myself, "That's not going to look pretty in a couple of days". It didn't even hurt until a few days later, and in fact, never even got black and blue. I was walking around with a limp and it was actually getting better.

Wednesday, while mowing the lawn, the same foot went into a hole in the ground that my dog Jesse had dug. It was pretty painful and I could tell that not only did I re-injure the foot; but that it actually hurt more this time around.

I got my carcass over to a podiatrist's office this morning and explained what had happened. She took some X-rays and found out that there were no obvious fractures. However, I did damage to the tendon under my second toe on my right foot.

The cure is elevation and rest and the tendon should heal in about 3 - 4 weeks. Whenever I go out, I have to wear this surgical boot that keeps my foot cushioned and immobile as far as flexing goes. All in all, not a difficult cure. I was told to "take it easy" whatever that means. The only work restriction is that I am not to stand for too long for any one period at a time; and to take frequent breaks. I guess that means that my CERT activity and also the hamfest that I had wanted to go to this weekend are now "no go's".

Fortunately, I can do the Hoot Owl Sprint and the Michigan QRP Club Memorial Day Sprint sitting down.

72 de Larry W2LJ


K2DSL - David said...

That is a real bummer Larry! I was hoping to meet up with you at the BARA hamfest if you could have made it.

I was flipping through this months CQ Magazine (June 2010) and on page 72 is a quote from W2LJ regarding Dave Ingram. I imagine you have the issue but if not let me know and I'll scan the article.

Good luck healing quickly.
K2DSL - David

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, the "boot". I wore one for several months some years ago. Fractured my tibia while jogging in the snow. At age 60, I should have known better. Fortunately (?) was my left foot and with an auto-transmission, driving wasn't a problem.


Paul - PC4T said...

Hello Larry, ouch... I hope you get well soon. And there is the WW WPX Contest CW Contest this weekend. Have nice weekend, 73 Paul