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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No answer from the ARRL

A couple of weeks ago, I sent the ARRL (they don't seem to want to be referred as to The League anymore) an e-mail concerning their new, spiffy, redesigned, 21st century Website. I have mentioned on this blog before how the new site does not list the holders of QRP DXCC, like the old site used to. So I decided to ask them about it. Just a polite query ..... was this an oversight that would return?

I guess that since I am only a Life Member; and not Icom, Kenwood or Yaesu or anyone from the industry that I should not hold my breath waiting for an answer. I appreciate the certificate (that I paid for); but would really like to see the listing of award holders. And lest you think this is a vanity thing ...... while I would like to see my callsign there, I am really more interested in seeing which of my friends have also earned the award.

The regular DXCC award, which is of course way more prestigious, still has the complete listing of those who have earned it. I can only imagine the ruckus that would have ensued had that been eliminated!

72 de Larry W2LJ


Steve Weinert said...

I'm still waiting for VE session youth ID questions asked in Feb to be answered......

Bob K0NR said...

My sources tell me that the ARRL is dealing with quite a few issues with the new web site right now. I think they are a bit overwhelmed, so don't take it personally. :-)

Bob K0NR

goody said...

I can't find it either. I've noticed that emails to ARRL often go to \dev\null, even if you're a life member (I am). Yes, it is annoying.

It was fun getting the QRP DXCC award, but I was disappointed that ARRL didn't put more effort into the program. It seems like it was an afterthought to placate the QRP crowd.

Maybe you ought to start a webpage listing QRP DXCC alumni. Put our calls on it :-)


WA1K said...

If they don't answer you within a few days, I would try again and perhaps send your message to someone higher up. The ARRL works for us, not the other way around! Just like any organization, you will have some people who care and others who do not. That being said, as Bob says, they probably have a VERY long list of issues regarding their new website that they are addressing.


Larry W2LJ said...

You are all undoubtedly correct - the ARRL is most likely inundated with e-mail regarding the Website. Perhaps a QRPer reading this that is going to Dayton this weekend could bring this up?

And Goody has an excellent idea! I will have to bring this up in a future post.

Larry W2LJ

K2DSL - David said...

I emailed them a lot with many issues I saw at launch. I received responses back after items I reported were addressed and implemented on the site.

John AE5X said...

Why bother with the ARRL? QRP ARCI already has an equivalent award:

For some, the ARRL awards are more highly esteemed. But not for others... ;-)

goody said...

Why bother with the ARRL? QRP ARCI already has an equivalent award

The QRP ARCI award requires you to be a member for $20, the ARRL one doesn't require you to be a member and costs $10.... not that I'm a cheapskate or anything, though I am on a broken income as opposed to these fixed incomes that most hams are on. :-) And yes, ARRL awards are somewhat more esteemed, though with Microsoft Word and some award blanks you can make yourself most any award these days. I'm hopefully going to have my 5 Band QRP DXCC tomorrow, but I can't seem to find the right font.