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Saturday, February 11, 2012

R.I.P. Sadie

A few hours ago, our cat Sadie passed away, peacefully in her sleep.

It's never easy when a pet dies. Sadie's passing was even tougher as she was the first addition to our family after Marianne and I married back in 1998.  Sadie was adopted and joined our family the very first week that we moved into our house that October.  I'll never, ever forget when we met Sadie the first time.  We went to a pet store and she was in a crate where she was waiting to be adopted.  The lady from the store took her out of the crate and was going to hand her to me, when Sadie quite literally jumped out of her hands and into my arms.  Needless to say, it was love at first sight for both of us.

Until that point, I had always been a "dog person" and had never even considered having a cat.  Sadie was special.

She was estimated to be between 1 -2 years old at the time we adopted her.  I have no idea why she was let go, but she lived a happy 13+ years with us.  Over the past few years, she developed thyroid and liver problems.  Gradually she weakened to the point where she just gave out.

I love you Sadie. I am so glad that I was still able to hold you and pet you before you left us. I will miss you greatly.

Larry W2LJ


Jim said...

Sorry to hear about your Sadie. Cats are very special. I was never a cat person either now with the kids we have two.
Regards - Jim W2KLM

aa7ee said...

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss Larry. Your declaration of love for her is very heartwarming, and you still have all those memories and the knowledge that you gave her a great home.


Dan D. said...

You and Sadie are in our thoughts.

WW2PT said...

Our condolences.

Paul WW2PT

Tim N0UJJ said...

Seems most Men are not Cat people. I became a cat person after meeting My future Bride. We still have 2 Cats- one is 17 yrs young. Unique animals ,not everyone understands them .Very sorry for your loss Larry. Thank-you for sharing this. I always enjoy your blog no matter what the subject!

Paul N0NBD said...

Larry, You are in my thoughts with your loss. My cat "Tuney" thinks she owns my radio station, computer and such... It is strange how we can be so attached. Take care ,
Paul Smith N0NBD

VE3WDM said...

Good afternoon Larry, sorry to hear about Sadie....we too have a cat (Oliver) and he is very much part of the family as I am sure Sadie was.

va3qv said...

Larry and family....

Once a cat adopts you into its family its a lifelong commitment for all of you...

You looked after her and she looked after you...

My condolonces

along with felines Saber and Shadow

CD said...

Sorry to read about Sadie, Larry. Always tough to lose a member of the family.

Pierre said...


I am very sorry to hear about Sadie.

Cats provide us with endless hours of entertainment and affection. Unfortunately losing a pet is very traumatic; I cannot imagine a life without having a cat a pet.

73, Pierre ZS6A