Tuesday, July 02, 2013

13 Colonies time!

Yessiree!  If it's close to the 4th of July, then it's time for the 13 Colonies Special Event!

The 13 states, which were the original 13 colonies (Can you name them?  How's your history?) will be on the air until 12 Midnight on Saturday evening/Sunday morning of this coming weekend. They will have special call signs from K2A to K2M.

If you participate, a very special certificate (suitable for framing) can be yours.  Work all 13 colonies and your certificate specially will be marked to denote the Clean Sweep.

Log summaries can be submitted via snail mail with the suggested donation to obtain the certificate.

Just this evening, I was able to work the following eight states/colonies on 40 Meters - NY, SC, DE, RI, NJ, MA, VA, NC.  I also heard the NH station, but his pileup was something akin to the crowd trying to work Spratly.  I also heard the GA station, but he was very weak.  GA is usually super loud here in NJ, maybe he had his beam turned away from the NorthEast and I was hearing him off the side.

NY and NC were worked via CW - the rest were worked using that SSB mode.  I got a kick out of working K2I, the NJ station.  The operator was Mike KA2FIR, who I've worked before.  When I finally broke the pileup, he came back to me with "W2LJ, we've run into each other before. Aren't you that QRP guy?"

My reputation precedes me!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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