Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ARRL needs to lighten up

So .... the ARRL rejected the idea, out of hand, for the new "Jeeves" cartoons for QST. It appears they don't want any cartoons in QST and they don't want "to look to the past". As I've said in my comments, I think this is so LAME that I cannot believe it! It's thinking like this makes me regret my decision to become an ARRL LIfe Member, so many years ago.

No humor? No look to the past? I think "The Old Man" is spinning in his grave at this line of reasoning. Did any of you at HQ ever read his editorials? You are aware, I'm sure, of the Rettysnitch and the Wouff-Hong?  Do you think those inventions of his were NOT stabs at humor? Do you think his editorial letters were deadly serious 100% of the time?

I think the leadership at the ARRL needs to come off its high horse. I also think you guys are starting to take yourselves way too seriously. To say that you are above humor and that you are above living, enjoying and celebrating your past is to put yourselves on a pedestal so high, that no one even wants to bother looking at you.

QST was always looked upon as "THE" Amateur Radio magazine. Jeeves, Phil Gildersleeve, the humor, friendliness and "folksiness" all helped to put you there, so many years ago. I admire your endeavor to maintain that leadership role, but I think your approach is off. And dare say it,  I think HPM would agree.

My Mom, God rest her soul, always told me "Never let your head get too big and never forget where you came from." That advice has served me well throughout the years. I offer the same sage advice to the ARRL, at no charge - compliments of a thoroughly disappointed Life Member.

Before I close this post, one last thought about looking upon the past, and what it can do for you. Hey ARRL, have you looked at NASA's "spacecraft for the future" - the Orion?  Does it remind you of something from the past, like perhaps the Apollo Command Module?  It appears that NASA didn't think that a concept from the past couldn't be made to work well again, and perhaps even better!

Bravo for them, and shame on you.

Footnote: This rant is NOT a knock on the "worker bees" who actually do the work, and produce QST from month to month. They do an outstanding job, for which I am forever grateful. The policy makers, from whom they take their direction and get marching orders from, IMHO, need to wake up and smell the coffee - perhaps, just a little.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. When I emailed Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY, yesterday after reading your blog she sent me a nice email reply stating that the ARRL is already planning to include vintage Jeeves cartoons in QST during 2015. In fact, in reading the February online issue of QST today I found a Jeeves cartoon.

    Here is the text of Ms. Schoenfeld's email:

    "Thanks for your e-mail. I haven't read the blog post to which you refer, but rest assured that reprints of vintage "Gil" cartoons will appear in 2015, QST's Centennial year. We're working on the March issue right now, and there is indeed a Gil cartoon in the issue!"


    Eric, WD8RIF

  2. I believe Orion is a NASA project, not a SpaceX project.

  3. Yes, you are correct. I was thinking of Dragon, but the point is the same nonetheless. They took an old concept, an old basic design and made it work even better today.

  4. I am increasingly disappointed by QST, the handbook, and ARRL in general. I think they have deteriorated into shills for their advertisers, and have lost their way in terms of leadership for amateur radio. My .02, anyway.