Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Being grateful

A conversation has started on the QFOX reflector amongst the Hounds and Foxes. We're sharing with each other what our antenna situations are.

Myself, I am using a Butternut HF9V which is ground mounted and had about 55+ radials running from underneath it.  I also have an 88' EDZ which is up in the trees somewhere between 25-30 feet (8-9 Meters) up. My W3EDP is still up there, but I need to change the coax. Still haven't done that, but will, someday.

If you look at the standings in the Fox hunts, come the end of the seasons, you will find W2LJ firmly ensconced in the middle or just below the middle of the pack. I suppose if I had more wire up, higher - that could possibly change.  But what I have is what I have, and for that, I am grateful.

There are a lot of Hams out there who would consider what I have to be the "best antenna farm - ever". These guys live in places where their antenna possibilities are either severely limited, or perhaps not allowed at all. Some may even be restricted to operating portable 100% of the time, from their cars or local parks, perhaps.

So I am always mindful to be appreciative of what I do have - particularly when I find myself falling into that "wish I had more" rut.  It may not be as good as what a lot of others have, but it's also a lot more than what a lot of others are forced to live with.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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BTW - To all my Orthodox friends out there - Merry Christmas!

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