Friday, August 30, 2019

It's "The Old Sock"'s Birthday

And there is a QRP bonus in the commemorative operating event that starts tonight!

For those not aware, the ARRL is having a week long celebration of Hiram Percy Maxim's 150th birthday.

Here are the details from the ARRL Webpage

Objective: This operating event is open to all amateurs, and the goal is straightforward:  Find stations operating in the event, many adding “/150” to their call signs, and contact as many as possible during the 9-day celebration on each of the event bands (using any/all of the 3 event modes on each band).

Time Period: The 9-day event begins 0000 UTC August 31 and runs until 2359 UTC September 8, 2019.

Eligibility: All amateur stations may participate.

Who is eligible to use their “callsign/150”?   W1AW and ALL ARRL members are eligible and will append /150 to their call sign during this event (this includes DX Stations who are ARRL members, who may operate as callsign/150 if permitted by the regulations of their country of license).

Exchange: All W/VE stations send RST and their ARRL/RAC Section; DX stations send RST and “DX”.

Bands: All Amateur Bands LF/HF/VHF/UHF/SHF/Microwave/Light (excluding 60, 30, 17 and 12 meters).

Modes: Three (3) mode groups will be recognized in the event:
       Phone (any/all voice modes count as “Phone”)
       Digital (any/all digital modes count as “Digital”)

Scoring:  Cabrillo log (or ADI) files must be supplied. ARRL will calculate all final scores based on the participant uploads to our event web app at

Multipliers: 84 in total – contact just once each of (83) ARRL and RAC Sections (RAC sections include the Canadian “NT” Northern Territories - encompassing VE8 / VY1 / VY0) - and DX (1).   See for ARRL/RAC Sections.

QSO Points:

       3 points per QSO: Contacts with W1AW/150 will earn 3 points per QSO;
       2 points per QSO: Contacts with any ARRL member will earn 2 points per QSO - these stations will also identify as callsign/150:
       1 point per QSO:  Contacts with non-members (ie, those not mentioned above) will earn 1 point each, and will identify with callsign only (no additional / number will be used).

Bonus points:

       150 Bonus Points will be earned by successfully completing one or more activities as described below – these are determined by your responses when uploading your Cabrillo log (or ADI file) to our web app:

       Contacting W1AW/150 on each band and mode will earn 150 BONUS points for each band/mode contact (no band/mode dupes are permitted). Bonuses are added during web app upload.

       If you are an ARRL member, you will receive 150 BONUS points when uploading your entry via the web app.

       Social Media – If you used social media, publicizing this event and/or your participation before, during and/or after the event will earn you 150 BONUS points upon uploading your entry to the web app.

        QRP operation (using 5 watts PEP output or less throughout the entire event) will earn you 150 BONUS points when uploading your entry to the web app.

        Portable operation – if you make at least 20 or more portable QSOs you will earn 150 BONUS points when uploading your entry to the web app.

        150 QSOs – if you complete 150 or more QSOs, you earn a one-time 150 BONUS points when uploading your entry to the web app.


Cabrillo log (or ADI) files are required – and must be uploaded via web app at This event only accepts online web app submissions (no email or paper submissions will be accepted).

Scoring Calculations:

Calculations are made by ARRL when you submit your entry via the web app:

       Total QSO points accumulated on all band/mode combinations

                  X  Total multipliers (84 maximum)

                            = subtotal

                  +  Total bonus points earned

                            = Grand Total/Final Score

Online certificates will be awarded, and available via download (only)

Results will be publicized (watch the ARRL web for updates).


        This event requires online web app submissions (no email or paper submissions will be accepted).

       This event has NO power categories (there are no power multipliers as a separate competition category);

       This event has NO operator categories (there are NO Single Operator, Multioperator, etc categories);

        Participating ARRL Members who use Logbook of The World (LoTW) are encouraged to create a separate LoTW Certificate (see below) for their callsign/150 (with a callsign certificate date range begin-date of August 31, 2019, and end-date of September 8, 2019), and to be sure to upload their logs for this event using their /150 certificate.

So get on the air and make some contacts! If the sun is not going to provide propagation, maybe we can rile up the electrons in the ionosphere enough from underneath to make some decent propagation! And remember, this is not a contest per se - just an operating event to honor HPM, so need to be cut throat about it.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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