Monday, July 18, 2011

Couple O' Things

Just a couple of things - then off to bed to get some more rest.  This sinus infection is not only kicking my butt; the weather isn't helping either.  High 90s all week - over 100 on Friday and Saturday.  I've often heard it said that Summer colds are the worst; but this is ridiculous!

I saw this site mentioned on QRP-L by N0SA, who was promoting his own Website.  Nothing wrong with that in my book!

Look at the keys, look at the keys!  Every time I turn around, there's another gosh-darned reason to be buying lottery tickets!

Secondly, in my quest to KISS for FOBB (and believe me, I NEED to keep it simple!) I ran across this at the NJQRP Website.

PFR-3A with a wire cut for 67 feet and a 33 foot long counterpoise.  I'll be up and running in no time.  And switching back and forth between 20 and 40 Meters should be relatively painless.  I can use the Black Widow crappie pole to get the wire to go up straight for 20 feet and then run the rest over to a tree limb - Inverted L !!  If my experience at Lake George was any indication, and knowing Cotton Street Park as I do, I should be antenna ready in about 10 minutes or so. Of course, that will provide Murphy with enough time to make sure other things go wrong!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Hi Larry, I hope you will soon recover from the sinus infection. And what about the end fed antenna: I think it's the best there is in the category simple antennas. I like simple antennas, and I am very happy with my end fed for 40-20 and 10 meter. This morning I worked LU7KAT on 40 meter. Yes! 11.181 km. 73 Paul