Sunday, July 03, 2011

Indeed, 'twas a washout

No park as hoped for today.  The thunderstorms started at 4:00 AM and continued off and on throughout the day, curtailing my shack operations as well.

While it was wet and on the cool side here - 74F (23C), I had a QSO with Rolan W3FDK in Maryland who informed me that it was sunny and in the 90s there - just two states away!  I also actually worked one of the 13 Colony Special Event Stations, K2H out of MA on 40 Meters.  He's the only one I've heard on CW and he was calling CQ, sounding quite lonely with not many takers.  I even posted his whereabouts on the DX Cluster and that didn't seem to draw him any takers, either. Too bad.

I did get the Baby Black Widows finished and operating. I used them in a very nice ragchew on 40 Meters with Ernie AA2YK.  He sounded great, too!  He was using a Nye Viking straight key and I would've sworn he was using a keyer and paddles also.  His fist was that good; and that's a joy to listen to.

They feel great and work FB, too.  I need to do just a little more adjusting to get the feel exactly the way I want; but these are a winner!  If you have a KX-1 or a PFR-3 or PFR-3A, I would strongly suggest getting in touch with W5JH before he runs out of stock.

Lastly, as I pine away for some outdoor operating, here's a video that Steve WG0AT (portable ops expert extraordinaire)  posted on YouTube today.  He was using that Tinker Toy set that we Hams call Buddipole parts and his ATS-3B with a 9V battery, folks - about 1 Watt out - maybe?

Enjoy the video !

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Sorry to hear about the turn in weather Larry. The day here was sunny and warm....very warm. Julie and I spent the day on the deck just reading and relaxing. I was hoping to get on the KX1 but time just got away from me before I knew it I was time to start the BBQ for dinner. It was a great day weather wise but no on air time......:(

  2. Larry, that Baby Black Widow looks great (so does the Hendricks PFR3)
    ! Congratulations on a great looking project. Rem