Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh My!

I saw this displayed on the instrument cluster of my Jeep in Bridgewater, NJ (the town where I work) during my drive home this afternoon.

I was at a red light; so I quickly broke out my cell phone and grabbed a quick snapshot.  According to the weather forecasters, this is just the beginning.  Friday and Saturday are going to be noticeably hotter along with higher humidity, of course!

I've added a new blog to the blogroll - "Misadventures in Ham Radio" by Sam KCØKSV.  Sam is sharing his return to the hobby after a layoff.  First off, I'm glad he's back but I'm even more glad he's sharing!  Sam may prove to be the impetus to get other "inactive" guys going again.

You folks may look at the blogroll and may think there's way too many out there.  I don't think there's enough!  You never know when an idea that you  have will help someone else out.  Sharing is the key - the Internet is providing a way for long distance Elmering and that, my friends, is a very, very good thing.  Nothing that I come up with here is really all that original.  I use the ideas and bits of information that you all provide, and with a twist, I try to make it useful to me and then share my experiences. 

I wish we had this 33 years ago when I first got licensed.  Back then, as a Novice, we learned by "hands on" and mostly by our mistakes.  The tales of the neighborhood Ham who took you under his wing weren't really what I encountered.  Don't get me wrong .... I got PLENTY of help and learnin' from Old Timers; but never really in that kind of "one on one" situation that you read so fondly about.  If the Internet and blogs and e-mail lists were available back then - boy, I can only imagine where I'd be now!  (Heathkit might still be alive!) I definitely "poo poo" the idea that the Internet is killing Amateur Radio - it's making it better! 

So, if you want to share - anything .... the technical, social, personal experience of Ham Radio- you don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize caliber author.  Heck, I sure ain't!  But seriously, consider Blogspot or Wordpress (psst ....... they're free!) and share with us, too!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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Seven years blogging about QRP and Morse Code and still have the desire to do it for a lot more!

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  1. Good evening Larry, on Thursday it is supposed to be 127 up this way...and I work outdoors to boot. I agree with you regarding the net and blogging could not had said it better myself. I am new to blogging not even a year yet. I have learn so much more about the hobby by just reading the post's and the feed back to the posts.