Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A little bit of DX

I had a meeting to attend this evening, so I wasn't able spend too much time behind the K3. But after I got home, I did run downstairs to fire up the rig. 30 Meters seemed active, so I camped out there for a bit.

In short order, I worked 9A6C in Croatia and CN8KD in Morocco. I nabbed both these stations with QRP power levels. I threw out my call a few times for A45XR in Oman. But by that point, he had been spotted on the Cluster and the pileup was enormous. Even though I have never worked Oman before, I did not up the power and jump into the fray. I was just too tired.

A little bit up the band, OK did hear ER1OO, Wlad in Moldova. I tried him a few times, but I kept on getting "W3L?". It was obvious that he was having difficulty hearing me. Not wishing to torture Wlad any further, I pulled the Big Switch for the night.

No commitments for tomorrow night, except for the 80 Meter Fox hunt, which is the very last one for the 2012/2013 Winter season. Maybe I will hear some more good DX before the hunt begins.

I've done pretty well this season. I am going to miss the hunts, and will eagerly await the 20 Meter Summer season.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Hello Larry,

    Great job! I'm still trying to log Morocco. It eludes me; but I was lucky enough to work the Oman station a few weeks ago (before he was spotted on the cluster).

    Oman is my most distant contact to date, and amazingly, he's using a simple wire antenna. (well almost)

    His double element Delta Loop is just amazing. At 7,500 miles, it seems to be unbeatable!

    I'm not sure how much power he is running; but the amazing thing is those ears. Hearing QRP operators on the East Coast must be a real challenge?

    Glad to hear you had a great evening! 30 meters seems to be THE band for QRP.