Sunday, April 14, 2013

Downhill fast

As great as conditions were on Friday night, that's how fast they went downhill over the weekend. Not sure how things went for the state QSO parties, but for casual DXing, things were the pits.

Personally, I would reckon this was all the side effects from the geomagnetic disturbance that resulted from the CME that recently occurred. As a result, most of the DX stations that I were able to hear were very weak, and the QSB was fast and deep.  For instance, I was listening to EA2DD today on 17 Meters. One second, he was as high as 569 - the next he was ESP.

Even though the SSN & SFI numbers remained favorable, the A & K indices rose high enough to be troublesome. The good news is that things should change for the better rather quickly. Maybe when I get home from work tomorrow evening, things will be better.

One consolation this weekend was hooking up fellow blogger, John N8ZYA. We had a decent rag chew type QSO on Saturday evening, and that made up for the otherwise lackluster Saturday and Sunday.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Good evening Larry, I just gave the weekend to my K2 build and now and then checked the bands. I did find a station from Nicaragua but as you said the signal was was there then gone. Lets hope next week things settle down.

  2. Hello Larry,

    It was good to hear you on the band, and especially to "chat for a bit". I'm glad your "new years resolution" of being on the air more often, is coming true. Hope to chat again soon. 72's