Thursday, April 30, 2009

And lead us not into temptation ....

And Hoo Buddy, am I ever tempted!

Introducing the Baby Black Widow Portable Paddle, which debuted on the QRP e-mail reflectors today. This is another offering by Jerry Haigwood W5JH. There are two models available, one for the KX-1 and one for the Hendricks PFR-3. Jerry says that this little beauty can be used with any portable radio, however; and I can see how. I surmise it would just be a matter of leaving off the vertical piece which holds the phone plug. The price is right, too! Only $46.50 (shipping included) to domestic addresses - DX orders would be a bit more.

I wish I could justify the need for a set. There are so many things on the wish list and so little funding. I guess I have to start buying lottery tickets!

Oh, by the way, for all the details on these paddles and to order a set for your very own, click here. (Jerry takes PayPal!)

73 de Larry W2LJ

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