Thursday, April 30, 2009

Very nice!

I don't know for sure if the sunspot number being 15 today had anything to do with it; but 40 Meters was very nice tonight.

I made contact with GØKDJ, Jim in Cheshire, England; but we had a hard time because of heavy QRM. A little further bit down the dial, I had a solid QSO with Nick EU3DN in Brest, Belarus. He have me a 579 and he was about a 589 here in New Jersey. Not bad for just under 5 Watts!

Then a little farther up the band, I settled in for a nice ragchew with Sam, N4SAM. I've worked Sam many times before; but didn't realize it because I was used to his KL7V callsign. Sam moved from Oklahoma to Alabama fairly recently and changed to a "4 Land" callsign to end the confusion. I guess no matter where you live, if you call CQ with a KL7 prefix, you're bound to cause a small pileup of hungry Alaska hunters!

I had to bug out on Sam kind of suddenly as I heard my cellphone ringing upstairs. That could mean only one thing; and I was correct - it was someone calling from work. One of the electricians was looking for a Cisco switch module that had to be installed and I had to guide him to the right spot to find it.

Even with the QSO cut short, I'm not complaining. It was nice to have the band on such good behavior tonight. Maybe ol' Sol will perk up soon; and this will become the rule rather than the exception. We can always keep our fingers crossed!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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