Tuesday, April 21, 2009


When I went "strictly" CW QRP back in 2003, there were several goals that I wanted to accomplish.

1) Re-earn WAS

2) Re-earn DXCC

3) Earn the 1,000 Miles Per Watt Award

4) Re-earn WAC

I've been successful so far by earning the 1000 MPW award for a QSO with Kwajalein Atoll back in 2004. I have 90 DXCC entities worked; so I'm close there. As far as WAC goes, I just need Australia (or New Zealand) and I'll be good to go.

As far as Worked All States goes, that a done deal - almost! I have QSOs with all 50 states using QRP and CW; and as I found out the other day, I have 49 QSL cards. To my chagrin, I am missing North Dakota. Argh! I went through my log and have had several CW QRP QSOs with ND; but to date, no card.

So on Sunday, I sent out cards to two stations complete with SASEs. I am hoping that either will be kind enough to send back a QSL card. One of the stations was quite active in the QRP Sprints; and I used to work him a lot. But I have noticed of late, that I have not heard him in any of the events that I used to regularly hear him in. I hope he hasn't lost interest in radio; or has given up the hobby. The other contact was just a normal ragchew. If I hear nothing soon; then I'll just have to slug it out and work another North Dakotan, someday. Problem is that they are not exactly "a dime a dozen" as it were. Best chance might not be until Sweepstakes in the Fall.

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Great to hear. I just started QRP and am having fun. I finally got an antenna. I was just using a 40' piece of wire. Nice to hear of your accomplishments. Thanks

  2. If you don't mind, can you include the link to information about 1000MPW award?

    Thanks and Congratulations.