Thursday, April 16, 2009

First for 2009

It was as I thought last night. It turned out to be a wonderfully beautiful day here in Central New Jersey. It was sunny; and at lunchtime it was well into the 60s. And the day was "un-hectic" enough that I was able to take lunch; and spend that time in a park near to work.

Out came the K1 and up went the Hamstick on the Explorer's roof. I heard Merlin KDØV calling CQ on 14.058 MHz and decided to put out my call. Luckily, my RF made the trip to Waseca, MN and we were able to have a nice QSO.

Merlin was using a K2 at 4 Watts to a G5RV. His signal was 579 at peaks. Unfortunately, there was heavy QSB throughout the QSO and the signal waxed and waned. Merlin and I exchanged the pertinent information as well as FISTS and SKCC numbers. I was given a 559; and was happy with that out of the Hamstick.

Merlin's callsign sounded familiar to me; as well it should have. Just a little over a week ago, Merlin submitted; and I approved his application to become an SKCC Centurion. I don't think I've ever worked a Centurion so close after approving their application as this.

Tomorrow promises to be sunny again; and even warmer tomorrow. Temps are expected to go into the low 70s. I am hoping that the workday will be calm enough once again, to allow me to head out to the park again tomorrow. Maybe this time, I'll set up the PAC-12 and see what happens.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Hi Larry, love your blog. This past weekend, Ivin W9ILF and I met at the Midstate Amateur Radio Club meeting and headed over to a park in Franklin IN for some QRPing. We were both using PAC-12's, he had his IC703 and I had my trusty KX1. He got the DX by working Spain on 20m, and I made a bunch of contacts in the Michigan QSO Party. Got a little sunburned too, it was great. I am working on getting the C for my SKCC number (2076) and I need about 38 more. I did the whole RFTB with my Nye Viking Master Key and my arm is sore today. Hahaha. 73 de KB9BVN