Monday, April 06, 2009

So sayeth the naysayers

QRP is dying! So sayeth the naysayers. Yet every time I turn around, it seems like some new kit, doo-dad, or other QRP thingamajiggy is being introduced.

These two new kits that I am about to bring to your attention are definitely beyond the realm of thingamajiggies. These look to be superbly crafted kits.

The first was brought to my attention by Nick VK1AA from (you gotta love this!) Spit Junction, Australia. It's a through hole kit for a 5 Watt output 40 Meter all mode SDR (software defined radio) transceiver.

The link to read more is:

Hook this puppy up to your computer and sound card and it looks like you have a winner here! If you were thinking of getting into and dabbling with an SDR - this looks like a good and affordable way to go. This one won't break the bank - looks like fun - and will get you involved on "the cutting edge". Certainly not your Grandpa's radio!

The other new kit introduced today comes from Doug Hendricks QRP Kits and Steve Weber. They are offering a kit that comes close to the performance of the recently offered PFR-3 trail friendly radio. This one however, is a dual bander (your choice) and is more of a home base station type of radio. It has a digital readout and an actual rotary tuning knob! 13.8 Volts in will get you 5 Watts out. It has a built in keyer capable of reaching a blazing 40 WPM. It has RIT, AGC and draws only 55 mA on receive (no signal) and 550 to 750 mA on transmit. To read more about this one, please go to:

Both of these kits are reasonably priced; and from my viewpoint, it looks like you get good "bang for the buck" in either case.

I wouldn't mind having either kit (or both!). For those of you who love to melt solder ...... those income tax refund checks should be arriving soon, no?

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. So many kits, so little time. Do non-QRPers really get as much fun from just opening a box with a ready built radio in it?