Here are some links to various vendors, who should be able to fulfill just about any QRP, portable ops, CW, home brewing or kit building desire you could ever have! If you know of one that you especially like and don't see it here - send me an e-mail at and I'll add it.

QRP kits - Radio kits and accessories 

Kits and Parts - Radio Kits, accessories, parts -

QRP ME - Radio Kits and accessories, parts

SOTA Beams - Antennas, portable ops supplies, parts  - Parts, etc.

QRP Guys  - Kits and accessories

American Morse Equipment - Paddles and keys

QRP Project  - Radio Kits and accessories

Wolphi - Apps and software

4 States QRP Group - Radio Kits and accessories

Kit Radio Company - Radio Kits and accessories

Kanga US - 

Kanga UK -

Radio Kits UK - 

K5BCQ Kits -

Walford Electronics - Radio Kits and accessories -


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM

    NICE BLOG I LOVE IT we have some of the same things i love my buddi stick, and kx3

  2. Niece ka1uln9:29 PM

    both of us love the same things cw, buddistick and kx3