Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Heat is On!

It has been hot here in Central New Jersey the past few days. I know that it has been hot throughout the whole country the past few days; but it has been HOT here in Central New Jersey.

Both yesterday and today, the temperature reached a high of 103 degrees Farenheit. With high humidity, the Temperature Humidity Index has made it feel like as if it were 110 degrees! Tomorrow is expected to be another sweltering day, with maybe some relief for Friday. And that, my friends, means that tomorrow night, more likely than not, we will be getting some hellacious thunderstorms!

As you can imagine, my lunchtime QRP sessions at work have been temporarily suspended. I love Amateur Radio and I love QRP. I love operating wherever and whenever I can; but I'm NOT certifiable (no matter what my wife or other relatives might say!). While this heatwave lasts, I will remain within the relative cool confines of my department at work. And I say relative; because a thermometer in my office was reading 88 degrees today. My office is in a relatively uninsulated part of our building. Nevertheless, 88 degrees is a lot nicer than 103 !

So, to all my Ham friends out there who are also dealing with the high heat - stay cool! And just remember that next winter, when you're shovelling foot and a half snowfall amounts out of your driveways, that you're going to wish you had just a little of this heat to do the job for you!

73 de Larry W2LJ (reaching for another cold glass of iced tea!)

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  1. Ned, W8VFM9:14 AM

    Hi Larry: It has been HOT here in Michigan too. We got some rain this morning and it brought less humidity and the low 80's for highs! I am still working on my Elecraft WAS. I still need AK, HI, and SD! I am recuperating from surgery on my left arm, so have more radio time. Hopefully I can snagg those states soon. Keep cool!
    Ned, W8VFM