Thursday, August 24, 2006

Interesting RFTB Comment

The following comment was included in the Autolog comments for last Sunday's Run For The Bacon.

The comments were made by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ:

"Only made two QSOs in this month`s run, but I feel like a winner because I was using a little Tuna Tin 2 transmitter running 200mw. Both QSOs qualified for the famed 1,000 Mile Per Watt award. What a gas! What a gas! 73, Dave, K4TWJ"

You might be familiar with the name and the callsign. Dave Ingram is a poplular columnist for CQ Magazine. Dave writes monthly columns on QRP and CW. Dave joined the Piggies about a year or so ago and is a regular participant in our monthly QRP Sprint.

This comment just goes to show you what QRPp is capable of. Again, for those not familiar, QRPp is ultra low power QRP - 1 Watt or less. Working with one Watt or less at solar minimum is a challenge to say the least. Even some diehard QRPers fear to tread those waters. When you come down to it though, it's not all that different from regular QRP. The skillsets are the same; just an extra dose and a half of patience does the QRPper in good stead.

As the old commercial went: "Try it. you'll like it!" Dave sure does!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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