Sunday, August 13, 2006

Webpage change

I've changed the location of my Webpage. It used to be on; but with the outtages there, I changed to a new location. The new URL is

I also got on the air tonight to play around for just a few minutes in order to get in my QRP CW QSO for the day. The Work All Europe DX contest it taking place this weekend. In the space of a few (10?) minutes I worked Lithuania, the Czech Repbublic, Sweden and Luxembourg on 40 Meters with just 5 Watts. So the next time someone tells you that QRP "doesn't work" just tell 'em to walk (east or west, depending on your location) until their hat floats!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Ned, W8VFM9:02 AM

    Larry: I fully agree with your comments on QRP! I can remember working all over the world with QRP as a Novice and at other times in the past. When the good propagation returns, we will be able to do it consistantly with a "wet noodle" antenna! Hi!

    Ned, W8VFM