Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rare Political Outburst - #2

My first political outburst on this blog was last November, when the sheeple of the State of New Jersey voted in Jon Corzine as Governor. Way to go, sheeple! NO property tax reform and instead, the state sales tax has been increased from 6% to 7%. Seems to me we're going the wrong way.

My second political outburst. Today on the Drudge Report, I clicked on a link to Der Spiegel magazine, where ex-President Jimmy Carter is bemoaning the fact that he believes that Israel's attacks on Lebanon are unjustified; and that the leadership in America is "immoral" as he puts it.

Jimmy ....... Jimmy ......... Jimmy ......... SHUT THE HECK UP! Go somewhere and quietly spend the pension we're giving you, okay? Go build a Habitat for Humanity or something ...... but please just go AWAY !!!!!!

If back in the 1970s you had had a set of balls; and didn't insist on kissing Khomeini's behind, we wouldn't be in the freaking mess we're in with Iran now !!!!! Islamo-fascism is breaking out everywhere because of you and ol' Billy Boy! Hmmmmmmm, and even to spread blame on both sides, I'll even dump a little on Reagan too, although he was more a man and President then these two fakers could have ever hoped to be!

Take over of American Emabassy in Tehran - Carter did crap.
Marine barracks in Beirut gets bombed - Reagan did crap.
US Embassies in Africa get bombed - Clinton did crap.
Khobar Towers get bombed - Clinton did crap.
Army Rangers in Mogadishu are desecrated - Clinton did crap.
USS Cole is blown up - Clinton did crap.

And you expect me to listen to you and the Democrat Party and expect me to believe that you know a rat's ass about defending the United States of America ????? Maybe if you had 1/100th of the determination and courage of the Israeli people, we'd have a safer world today.

But noooooooooo, we have to play kissy kissy to the terrorists because if we make nicey nicey, they'll like us and won't hurt us! Open up your freakin' eyes - THEY WANT US DEAD! How many more World Trade Centers are going to have to collapse because you have your heads up your collective behinds? How long is it going to take you to learn that you cannot negotiate with animals? How long is it going to take you to realize that WE ARE IN A WAR for crying out loud ????? How long is it going to take all you freaking "elites" to learn that America is not the monster and that the American people as a whole are some of the most generous, fairminded and peaceful people on the face of the earth?

The Liberal Whacko-s of the Democrat Party disgust me. If they were alive today, Harry Truman and John F Kennedy would denounce their own party. Look at what they're doing to Joe Lieberman. The Democrat Party has become the party of "what was right is wrong; and what was wrong is right". God forbid these idiots ever come into power again!

I am soooooooooooo glad I left the Democrat Party for good ten years ago. This is NOT the party that my grandparents and parents supported.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Ned, W8VFM7:40 AM

    Larry: Thanks for your outburst. It is time we stand up to the liberal crap bring foisted upon us by the liberal Democrats and media.