Monday, August 21, 2006

RFTB was better!

The "Run For The Bacon" Sprint last night found better conditions on the bands than I had for either the SK Memorial Sprint or the NJ QSO Party. Better; but not much better. When all was said and done, I needed to pop a few Advils before going to bed. This month, the Sprint was a headache maker for me.

20 Meters was horrible! I worked Dan KB6NU right off the bat; but that was pretty much it. Ken N5EBD was loud; but he didn't hear me the dozen or so times I called him. Everyone else was at ESP levels only - you had to have ESP to have been able to copy those signals.

40 Meters can be described using one word - nasty! QSB and QRN were horrendous. One second a station would be in the clear, next second same station was in the mud. It made for a hard time copying the exchange. Kudos to all the stations that got into the habit of sending RST, S/P/C and Piggie number twice. For me, that made the difference in several cases.

In the end I worked 19 stations and 14 different S/P/C's. On top of it all, I entered my score wrong on the Autolog page. I put in my stations worked total under the multiplier category; so my score is artificially high. I have e-mailed Diz W8DIZ (Papa Pig) to correct it for me. I should have somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 points; not the over 1000 that I'm shown as having now.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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