Sunday, August 27, 2006

Was that /MM ?

It was an interesting QSO to say the least. I had been calling CQ on 40 Meters, when I was anwered by WA3BKD/MM.

/MM ?????? Okay, a 3 station that's maritime mobile. The gears started whirring in my head. Off the Jersey Coast maybe? Perhaps the Delaware Bay? Maybe even the Chesapeake; they were all intriguing possibilities.

It turns out that Art was maritime mobile on the Ohio River, safely docked near Weirton, West Virginia. As he relayed to me, Art spends the summer cruising up and down the Ohio, investigating little towns, islands and other little getaways. As I mentioned, he was docked for the night and it was time to "play radio" as he put it. Art was using a Ten Tec Scout at 50 Watts. His antenna was a Hamstick mounted to the all metal roof of his, as he put it, "25 foot RV on pontoons". His signal was very good - a solid 589 into New Jersey on peaks. All that metal made for an excellent ground plane.

I had wished to talk further with Art about his adventures; but I could tell the band was changing on us as his signal was on a downward spiral. I gave him a hasty farewell and a "73 till next time"; but I was not able to hear him come back to me. Propagation had its way with me, once again.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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