Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dayton envy

Back when I was single, Dayton was a trip that was always looked forward to with anticipation. When I had more disposable income; and only myself to worry about, making a yearly trek was an easy decision. I haven't gone since getting married. Job, money and family circumstances won't allow it.

Such is life; and while I don't regret the choices I've made, it would be silly to say that I don't envy (a little) those who are able to make the trip. I'd love to see the flea market again and would especially love to attend Four Days in May.

I did receive an interesting e-mail over the weekend with regards to Dayton. I am posting it here in the chance that it might interest some others of you, who like me, are not able to attend.

Get ready! Its almost here. In 3 days, on Wednesday May 13th, we will be starting our live broadcast. Watch our 10 hour drive of 550 miles on Wednesday from Memphis, TN to Dayton, OH. Watch us and others set up in the flea market on Thursday, then the entire show Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

This is our 7th year to broadcast hamfest events. We are seen in over 150 countries and advertised to over 100,000 hams around the world.

We have thousands of dollars of nice FREE ham Prizes and lucky viewers will win some great prizes .We will interview Astronaut Richard Garriott,W5KWQ, at 2100 UTC on Saturday May 16th. During the interview we will try to ask Richard any questions you may have.

The web site is http://w5kub.com and we actually start broadcasting with our “helmet cam” Wednesday morning May 13th at approx 1300 UTC and will be broadcasting our entire 550 mile drive from Memphis, TN to Dayton, OH.

The video web site not only has the live video but also has a chat room where anyone can log in and talk to other hams around the world or to us.

There is a link on the left side of our website which tells of the prizes and what days each will be given out.

Follow us every move for the five days (May 13 – May 17). ARRS at the bottom of the page will show you our progress as we drive, or maybe you will recognize the road and landmarks.


So I guess I'll be living vicariously through Tom. On the bright side, at least I have DSL now and the video should be way easier to watch than on dial-up!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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