Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MIQRP Results

Tonight I sent my log off to Hank N8XX for my effort in the MIQRP Memorial Day Sprint that was held Monday night. I did not operate the entire four hours, actually with the breaks I took, I probably put in about 90 minutes. In that time, I managed to make 34 QSOs. My score, if I calculated it correctly was 2,940 points. Out if the 34 QSOs, 10 were with members and I worked a total of 20 states on all the bands I operated on.

80 Meters was a disappointment. Considering we're well into Spring and thunderstorm season, 80 Meters was very noise free Monday night. It would have been an ideal band to work a lot of stations; but there was no activity. I worked three stations on 80 Meters from NY, CT and NC.

Once again, 40 Meters was the money band; and 20 Meters was decent from the beginning of the contest, too. It was good to hear a lot of old friends; and since this is a pretty casual contest, it was nice to hear the "Hi Larry"s that were included in the exchanges.

Ken WA8REI was operating portable once again, probably from his camper/RV. I worked him about an hour before the contest and he was very weak. He was telling me that he was somewhere north of Saginaw; but I couldn't make out much, as he was about a 339. When evening arrived and 40 Meters improved a bit, he was up to 559 during the actual contest. I worked Ken on both 20 and 40 Meters.

The contest was a nice capper to the holiday weekend. I did so many chores from Friday through Monday that it was so nice to sit behind the radio and just play for a while.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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